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Treating Urine and Yellow Spots on Grass

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Treating Urine and Yellow Spots on Grass

Treating Urine and Yellow Spots on Grass. We love our pets but not the nitrate in their pee. Learn how to counter the acids in urine for a lush and green lawn.

There are solutions for dog spots that are ruining the appearance of your carefully cultivated grass. Before applying gypsum to your lawn, consider all of your options because not all of them work well.

Canine spots are a type of yard harm caused when a canine pees on your grass. A canine’s pee contains elevated degrees of nitrogen. The nitrogen is potent enough to harm grass that is in direct contact with it. Dog spots are easy to identify: a ring of intensely green grass surrounding a circle of brown or yellow grass that appears to have been burned. When a dog urinates in the same spot repeatedly, it can eventually kill the grass there.

Preferably, you ought to prevent canines from peeing on your yard. If your dog is the one causing the spots, you can teach it to urinate in a designated area that has been landscaped with dirt or gravel to avoid harm. Install a fence around your lawn to keep other dogs away. Try lightly watering your yard after a dog urinates on it if none of these options work. The nitrogen is diluted by water before it can harm your grass. It might even result in the nitrogen acting as a fertilizer instead. Given enough time, damaged grass typically recovers.

Check out our short video above for the best organic solutions to treat urine spots on grass.

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