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Cup Rock Entertainment, LLC is an internationally distributed television production company specializing in the production of high quality family entertainment.  Cup Rock founders and producers, Christi Collier and Lane Howard are veterans of the television industry. Together they have produced numerous series and specials for public television and media audiences over the last four decades.  Some of their productions include…  

GardenRx / PBS

GardenRx: Top Ten / PBS

Visual Haiku / CupRockTv

Haley’s Hints / PBS

Haley’s Hints Too / PBS

The Busine$$ of Blackjack / CupRockTv

The Mark Russell’s 25 Anniversary Special / PBS

Cirque Ingenieux / PBS

One Pot Cooking for Men / CupRockTv

Antiques Country / PBS

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Their Awards Include…

Los Angeles Emmy Award / Best Special Event

New York Emmy Award Nomination / Best Special Event

Los Angeles Emmy Award Nomination / Best Special Event

International Film and Television Festival of New York

New York Television Festival Winner

Chicago Film Festival

Columbia-Dupont Journalism Award

PBS Advertising Award for Best Campaign

PBS Advertising Award for Best Station ID

American Heart Association’s Paul Ellis Award

The Texas Medical Association’s Anson Jones Award

The Billboard Magazine Award

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