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Haley’s Hints introduces you to the virtual “gold mine” of ordinary items and product in your home with extraordinary time and money saving uses!

Check Out These Great Household Hacks !

Haley’s Hints: How to easily remove wine stains from fabric

Haley’s Hints: How to make painted concrete last longer

Haley’s Hints: Store valuable produce and keep it fresh longer.

Haley’s Hints: How to easily remove a stuck finger ring

Haley’s Hints: How to quickly and easily clean tile grout

Haley’s Hints: Easy clean hack for tarnished copper and brass pieces easy.

Haley’s Hints: Easily Remove Virtually any Stain from fabric

Haley’s Hints: Easy clean for range exhaust fan filters

Haley’s Hints: Easily Clean Tarnished Copper and Brass

Haley’s Hints: How to Find Small Lost Itemse

Easily Clean Melted Bread Bags off the Toaster!

Easily Remove Sharpie and Shoe Scuff Marks from the Floor

Save Your Shirt, Keep Paint Can Rims Paint Free, Easy!

Quick hack to finding hard to see items lost on carpet and hardwood floors.

Easily set the color in new fabrics before you wash.

Quickly clean wax off valuable wood furniture safely.

Here’s a really easy no hassle way to remove lipstick from your blouse.

Ketchup can be a tough stain but you can remove it easy with this clever hint.

Watch as PBS-TV’s Graham Haley shows you how to remove scorch marks from fabric!

Chocolate stains can be hard to remove but this clever tip will remove it quick.

Here’s a really great tip to lift candle wax out of the carpet.

Graham Haley shows you how to easily remove scuff marks from your shoes.

Great tricks to remove gum from your kid’s hair and, off the carpet.

Fruit berry stain can be tough, here’s an easy tip to remove offending stains.

Make your own superior non-greasy furniture polish at home for pennies.

Here’s a simple ideas to keep flies from bothering you.

Here’s an easy way to remove hard water stain from the bath and sink.

Here’s a safe and clever way to keep your candle holder wax free.

Pie crust edges are prone to burning, prevent it with this handy tip.

Here’s a simple, easy and effective solution for keeping rug corners down.

Sure fire way to remove mug stains from your favorite cup.

PBS-TV’s Graham Haley shows you how to cut a pie into 5 equal pieces.

Try this inexpensive tip and enjoy a fog free bathroom mirror every morning.

Use this handy vac storage bag idea for storing bulky items such as pillows..

Protect you umbrella from mildew and bugs with this cleaver hint.

Clean burned coffee carafes quick and easy with the clever hint!

Make your own DIY dish scrubbie for stubborn baked on bits!

Keep your cheese from molding with this smart storage idea.

Here’s a smart tip on how best to clean your kids favorite stuffed toys.

Easy way to clean up kids expensive sneakers with just a spray and a wipe!

Neat storage idea for wrapping paper to keep it perfectly straight and bug free!

PBS-TV’s Graham Haley shows you how to take control of your ant problems.

Best kitchen cookbook holder that you almost certainly never considered.

Here’s a clever solution to easily remove pet hair from fabric quick as a wink!

Homemade carpet cleaning solution for quick stain removal.

Easily and remove those grass stains without a lot of scrubbing.

How to clean silver jewelry quick and easy without scrubbing.

Keep your paint trey spotless and you money in your pocket with this clever hint.

needle threading
Graham shares an easy tip for needle threading and other great sewing tips.

ink stain
Easily remove ink pen stains for clothing this handy hint.

stuck jar lid
Easy open hack for opening a stuck jar lid quick and easy.

hanger dent marks
Here’s a very clever idea for drying your sweater without hanger dent marks.

cutting onions
Several clever tips to help prevent tears while cutting onions.

Watch as Graham shows you how to cut your ironing time in half with this clever tip.

Clean sink and tub appointments like new for pennies with this cool trick.

range pan
How to easily clean stained burner pans and casseroles with baked on food.

Are you eating fresh eggs? Here’s an easy test to determine egg freshness.

scouring powder
Here’s a quick recipe to make your own natural scouring powder for pennies.
wine stainRemove Wine Stains from fabric.

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