Decadent Blueberry Muffin Tops

#onepotcookingformen #onepotcooking #blueberrymuffin #blueberrymuffintop #breakfast Decadent Blueberry Muffin Tops, enjoy them often. Our recipe is easy to make, low in sugar, heavy on fruit and bakes up wonderfully thin with … Read More

Getting Your Garden Ready to Plant

Getting your garden ready to plant this spring offers the promise of fresh organic vegetables and we’ll show you the natural way, without chemical fertilizers. Double dig beds. Use compost … Read More

Fog Free Shaving Mirror Hack

Fog free shaving mirror hack. Don’t spend your money on one of those fancy “fog-free” mirrors, try this tip and enjoy a fog free bathroom mirror every morning, free.  

Clean Stained Coffee and Tea Cups

#haleyshints #cuprockdiy #homehacks Clean Stained Coffee and Tea Cups. Here’s a Haley’s Hints hack to remove unsightly tea or coffee stains from your favorite morning mug so it sparkles like … Read More

Keep Cheese from Growing Mold in the Fridge

Keep Cheese from Growing Mold in the Fridge. Moldy cheese in the fridge is wasteful, costly and gross! Here’s a great tip to keep your cheese mold free.  

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