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German Beef Rouladen

Rouladen is a traditional German dish of tender steak rolled with mustard, bacon, and pickles, skillet browned, braised to perfection and served with pan gravy.

hot air balloons

The Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff

Dozens and dozens of brilliant hot-air balloons are framed in front of the majestic Rocky Mountain Front Range for the Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff!

loco motive


Loco-Motive tells the story behind Texas artist Jeff Snyder’s massive public art installation on the Colorado River symbolizing, “a locomotive headed toward the stars!”

mexican torțe

Savory 5-Layer Vegetarian Mexican Torte

This savory 5-layer vegetarian Mexican torte is spicy, full of flavor, serves 8 and makes a great meal. Serve with fire roasted salsa, guacamole and cold beer.

fire roasting green chili

Authentic Green Chili Stew with Roast Pork

Authentic Green Chili Stew with Roast Pork, as close to a Heavenly deity as you can get without meeting a Heavenly deity. Savory, spice, perfect comfort food.