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What Bugs are in my Garden

What bugs are in my garden? Good bugs or bad? Only one way to find out, a simple insect trap. We’ll show you how to tell what kind of bugs live in your garden.

What Bugs are in my garden?  /  Good bugs vs. bad bugs

Stats – 95% of bugs are good bugs.

Good bugs can look bad – aphid lion. They show up when there is something to eat – like aphids.

When populations of bad bugs (say aphids) are more than good bugs can handle best method is to spot treat.

Start with a spray of water.

Find out what pest you have. Very important when choosing correct treatment to target the pest.

Spot treating with a spray bottle.   Spray affected plants.

Plant flowers like daisies, dill, carrots, zinnias, sunflowers, basil, sage yarrow, and marigolds, which attract more beneficial insects.

Make your own yellow sticky trap out of a yellow plastic plate.

Great for catching whiteflies,

White sticky traps catch rose chafers.

Use colored plastic plates sprayed with Pam or adhesive. Hang or staple to stake in garden.

Great for determining what insects are in your garden as well.

Make your own sticky traps – spray adhesive on a four-inch square of cardboard. When the bugs get stuck throw them away. Place out of reach of children and pets.

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