paint can rims

Keep Paint Can Rims Paint Free

Keep Paint Can Rims Paint Free. TV’s Graham Haley shows you some great painting tips and a smart shirt saving idea for keeping paint can rims clear of paint.

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Are you tired of getting paint on the rims of your paint cans every time you open them? Well, no need to worry anymore! With Haley’s Hints, you can keep paint can rims paint-free and avoid messy accidents while working on your projects. Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Use a rubber band: Take a wide rubber band and wrap it around the top of the paint can, covering the rim completely. This creates a barrier that prevents paint from seeping onto the rim. Simply remove the rubber band when you’re finished with the can.

2. Petroleum jelly: Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the rim of the paint can. This will create a smooth surface that the paint cannot adhere to. Make sure to wipe off any excess jelly before resealing the can to avoid contamination.

3. Plastic wrap: Before placing the lid back on the paint can, cover the rim with a sheet of plastic wrap. This provides a protective barrier that keeps the rim clean from paint drips. When you’re done, simply discard the plastic wrap.

4. Paint can opener: Avoid using a screwdriver or any sharp object that can damage the rim and cause paint to seep through it. Instead, invest in a paint can opener. These tools are specifically designed to open paint cans cleanly and prevent paint from spreading onto the rim.

5. Tapping technique: To prevent excess paint from pooling around the rim, gently tap the side of the can with a rubber mallet or wooden dowel. This helps to level the paint and reduce any overflow that could come into contact with the rim.

By following these simple tips from Haley’s Hints, you can keep the rims of your paint cans paint-free, saving you time and frustration during your next painting project. Now you can focus on your artwork without worrying about messy accidents or dealing with dried-up paint on your cans.