GardenRx: The Ultimate Organic Gardening Guide

PBS-TV’s GardenRx focuses on the methods, tools and philosophy necessary to build and maintain gardens, lawns and plants naturally and organically.

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loren composter
Top Ten Garden Hints – No 1 Compost How and Why

Top Ten Garden Hints – No 2 – How to Grow World Class Tomatoes.

Top Ten Garden Hints – No 3 Dealing with Ants Inside Your House

skunk solution
Top Ten Garden Hints – No 4 – Dealing with Skunks

rose food
Top Ten Garden Hints – No 5 – How to Grow World Class Roses

Top Ten Garden Hints – No 6 – How Much Water is Enough?

watering plants
Top Ten Garden Hints – No 7 – Growing Beautiful House Plants

killing weeds
Top Ten Garden Hints – No 8 – Dealing with Your Weed Problems

natural weed spray recipe
Top Ten Garden Hints – No 9 – Natural Bug Spray Recipe

id garden bugs
GardenRx: Here’s a quick and easy method for garden bug identification.

urine yellowed grass
GardenRx: Treating Urine and Yellow Spots on Grass

spray plant
Treat Mildew on Plants with Two Great Anti Fungal Recipes

harvesting worm castings
GardenRx: Start an Earthworm Farm and Harvest Castings

white fly control
GardenRx: Ridding Your Plants of White Fly on Your Plants

roach bait
GardenRx: Ridding Your Home of Cockroaches

scale on leaf
GardenRx: How to Rid Your House Plants of Scale

GardenRx: Learn how to re-color year after year.

GardenRx: How to Make A Less Toxic Ant Spray

bucket kelp
GardenRx: How to Use Kelp Fertilizer for Your Garden

GardenRx: How to Keep Your Compost from Smelling

loren aphid banana
GardenRx: Learn How to Keep Aphids off Roses

GardenRx: How to Tell if Your Watermelon is Ripe

GardenRx: How to Know When to Pick Your Tomatoes

weed trimmer
GardenRx: How to Make Your Own Homemade Mulch

loren green lawn
GardenRx: How to Have the Greenest Yard in Town

loren plants tomatoes
GardenRx: Growing Tomatoes in a Pot and Other Planting Tips

loren digging
GardenRx: Getting Your Garden Ready to Plant in Spring

loren with garlic
GardenRx: Garlic Plant Fertilizer and Garlic Pest Control

loren mixing
GardenRx: Our Best Natural Tree Fertilizer Recipe

tomato hornworm
GardenRx: How to Deal with Tomato Horn Worms


Rose Rust Recipe
GardenRx: How to Deal with Rust and Mildew on Roses

loren house plant
GardenRx: Dealing with Fruit Flies and Fungus Gnats in Your House

Loren compost bucket
GardenRx: How to Brew Manure and Compost Tea

ant feeder
GardenRx: How to Ant Proof Your House with a Barrier

loren garden hose
GardenRx: A Simple Homemade Garden Hose Guide

sulfur soil add
GardenRx: How to Properly Add Sulfur to Your Soil

chlorosis leaf
GardenRx: How to Treat Your Plants for Iron Chlorosis

trim roses
Garden Rx: A New and Better Way to Trim Roses

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