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Start an Earthworm Farm and Harvest Castings

GardenRx: Start an Earthworm Farm and Harvest Castings / PBS-TV’s Garden Rx starring Loren Nancarrow shows you how to build your own earthworm farm and harvest casting.

A worm receptacle is the spot your worms will call home for their whole resides; Because of this, you need to be careful with the materials you use. Wood and plastic containers are the most normally utilized on the grounds that they have no antimicrobial properties. Worms cannot survive without bacteria and other microbes in order to initiate the microbial process.

It is a typical misguided judgment that all food scraps can be tossed into the worm receptacle, yet this isn’t correct. The worms typically eat organic kitchen waste like egg shells, coffee grounds, fruits, and vegetables. The worms can also eat newspapers that have been shrunk and tea bags.

Meat or dairy products in food scraps shouldn’t be added because they are often too oily, hard to digest, and attract fruit flies. Acidic food scraps like that from citrus natural products are poisonous to the canister since pH levels are not adjusted.

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A worm bin can accommodate any number of worms; However, they will either die or escape if the worm bed conditions are not ideal. Ideal worm bedding requirements to mirror the normal environment of the worms. For worm bin bedding, the following materials are recommended: Paper that has not been bleached, shredded, wood chips, peat moss, coconut coir, and shredded brown corrugated cardboard.

Worms and worm castings are in high demand as a result of the organic craze and businesses’ desire for more environmentally friendly options. If you want your worm farm to focus on making and selling worm tea and castings, you should only feed your worms the best foods so they can make the best castings.

Want to know why earthworms are you garden’s best friends? Follow this link to our earthworm page and check out the video for everything you need to know!

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