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Re-Coloring Poinsettia

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ReColoring Poinsettia

Re-Coloring Poinsettia: Can’t handle tossing your holiday poinsettia this year? We’ve got the secret to getting your poinsettia to re-color, year after year.

Re-establishing a solid green Poinsettia plant from last year back to its unique red color is no issue in the event that you observe a couple of basic guidelines. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) require 14 hours of total darkness per day for eight weeks before they can be displayed.

Along with the usual care, the plants need bright light during the day. Nonetheless, beginning at night, the plants should get total dimness. Indeed, even a nightlight can upset this interaction! How you go about this process will depend on where the plant is, whether it is in a pot indoors or outside. That is for you to decide.

The bracts will begin to hand variety over around a month, and proceed on the off chance that you cautiously keep up the interaction. During this time, poinsettias require a humid environment. However, avoid directly spraying the foliage to prevent leaf spot, which is not something you want on such a beautiful leaf! If you followed the instructions above, the bracts should all be red in about eight weeks. They will remain in this state for at least a few weeks after Christmas.

In the end the leaves will begin to drop off. Cut the stems back to four to six inches once this happens. Keep the plant warm and the soil relatively dry until new growth occurs. After that, you can replant in a sunny area of the garden. In the spring and summer, only apply a small amount of fertilizer. Start all over again in October of next year!

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