Kelp Fertilizer for Your Garden



Even if you’ve never thought about feeding seaweed to plants in the garden or grow room, liquid kelp meal is one of the most potent organic fertilizers available!

You can collect your own kelp from the beach if you are one of the 150 million people in this country who live close to the coast. In the event that you live not even close to the coast, we can in any case how you how to make kelp compost with a speedy excursion to your neighborhood Asian market. Watch the video on this page for the exact recipe!

Kelp is chalk brimming with fundamental supplements and got altogether from plant sources, this is the sort of thing natural cultivators have gone to for quite a long time to create normal, plentiful harvests.
You may also hear us refer to this product by other names, such as kelp meal or seaweed meal. Kelp fertilizer is just one name for this product. One thing is certain, regardless of what you call it: this is a potent natural fertilizer made from kelp!

Kelp tea has a lot more benefits for your garden than just feeding your plants. It goes above and beyond to assist you in cultivating plants that are stronger and more resistant. Plants that were fed seaweed-type fertilizers have been shown to be more resistant to pests and diseases and to handle stress from other factors much better than those that were not.

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This not only makes it more likely that your crop will be harvested, but it also gives the plant more time to concentrate on what really matters, which is producing a high yield. The following are a couple of other imperative advantages of bringing this into your taking care of routine:
Increase the mass of your roots while also making your grow medium more productive (the bigger the root, the bigger the fruit!)

Contains a significant amount of potassium, which is particularly important for certain plant types (lettuce, potatoes) Not only does it increase harvest, but it also increases freshness, which in turn increases the shelf life of whatever you are growing. It also increases resistance to pests, diseases, weather, and any other variable you can think of. It is completely natural and organic, allowing you to cultivate chemical-free crops that you can feel good about eating or selling. Kelp meal for plants contains the major three macronutrients.

In addition to providing your plants with a healthy dose of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), seaweed fertilizer also contains a comprehensive blend of micronutrients to complete their nutrition. In point of fact, it contains as many as 70 distinct plant hormones, amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins!

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PBS-TV’s GardenRx show you how to know when your lawn and garden has had enough to drink.


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