getting your garden ready to plant

Getting Your Garden Ready to Plant

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Getting your garden ready to plant this spring offers the promise of fresh organic vegetables and we’ll show you the natural way, without chemical fertilizers.

The best way to get your garden off to a good start is to double dig your beds then amend with compost and good organic fertilizer, or better yet, make your own with natural ingredients. Simply add;

1 part alfalfa meal,

1 part fish meal,

1 part green sand,

1 part gypsum,

½ part bone meal and mix well then add 1-cup around existing plants or bushes.

If your bushes and shrubs are large add 2 cups and work into soil.  A quick watch of the above video will show you exactly how to get it done right.

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PBS-TV’s GardenRx show you how to know when your lawn and garden has had enough to drink.

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