GardenRx: Keep Aphids off Roses 1

GardenRx: Keep Aphids off Roses

GardenRx: Keep Aphids off Roses / PBS-TV’s Garden Rx starring Loren Nancarrow reveals how to treat your roses for aphids.

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Are your beautiful rose plants being invaded by annoying aphids? Don’t worry! With the help of PBS-TV’s gardenRx, you can learn effective methods to keep those pesky aphids off your precious roses.

Here are some handy tips to fight aphid infestations:

1. Regular Inspection: Keep a close eye on your roses, especially the undersides of leaves and new growth. Early detection will allow you to take immediate action and prevent aphids from multiplying rapidly.

2. Water Blast: One simple method to remove aphids is by spraying them off with a strong stream of water. Gently hose down the affected plants, ensuring that the force of the water removes the aphids without damaging the rose foliage.

3. Natural Predators: Encourage beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and lacewings, to visit your garden. These insects naturally prey on aphids and can help control their population. Planting flowers like daisies, cosmos, and yarrow can attract these beneficial insects.

4. Homemade Aphid Spray: Create a DIY spray by combining a few drops of dish soap with water. Spray this mixture directly on the aphids, making sure to thoroughly cover the affected areas. The soapy water will suffocate and eliminate the aphids.

5. Neem Oil: Another organic solution is to use neem oil. Dilute neem oil according to the instructions on the packaging and spray it on your roses, targeting the aphids. Neem oil disrupts the aphids’ reproductive cycle and acts as a natural repellent.

6. Pruning and Disposal: If infestations become severe, consider pruning away heavily infested branches or buds. Dispose of the pruned material immediately to prevent the spread of aphids to other rose plants.

7. Companion Planting: Rose plants can benefit from the presence of certain companion plants that repel aphids. Examples include garlic, alliums, and mint. Interplant these repellent plants with your roses to deter aphids.Remember, it’s essential to maintain your rose plants’ overall health by providing adequate sunlight, proper watering, and regular fertilization. Strong, healthy roses are more resilient to aphid attacks.

By following these tips from PBS-TV’s gardenRx, you can effectively keep aphids off your roses, ensuring they bloom beautifully without interference. Happy gardening!

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