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Keep Cheese from Growing Mold in the Fridge

Keep Cheese from Growing Mold in the Fridge. Moldy cheese in the fridge is wasteful, costly and gross! Here’s a great tip to keep your cheese mold free.

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Cheese is a beloved food item enjoyed by many, but keeping it fresh and mold-free can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some helpful hints to help you preserve your cheese and prevent it from growing mold in the fridge:

1. Store Cheese Properly: The first step to ensure your cheese stays mold-free is to store it correctly. After opening, re-wrap the cheese in wax paper or parchment paper instead of using plastic wrap. This will allow the cheese to breathe, preventing moisture buildup.

2. Cheese Cloths: Another effective way to keep cheese fresh is to wrap it in cheese cloths. These highly breathable fabrics promote air circulation and prevent excess moisture, ultimately inhibiting mold growth.

3. Avoid Plastic Containers: Avoid storing cheese in airtight plastic containers or bags. These materials do not allow the cheese to breathe and can lead to a damp environment, encouraging mold growth. Instead, opt for breathable containers made of glass or ceramic.

4. Clean Fridge Regularly: Mold spores can easily spread within the refrigerator, so it’s important to keep your fridge clean. Wipe away any spills or residues promptly, as these can become a breeding ground for mold.

5. Use Fresh Cheese Knives: When handling your cheese, always use clean and dry utensils, especially cheese knives. This helps prevent the transfer of bacteria or mold spores onto the cheese.

6. Keep Moisture Levels in Check: Maintaining proper humidity levels in your refrigerator can make a significant difference in preventing mold growth. Aim for a humidity level of around 40-50% by adjusting the fridge settings or using a hygrometer.

7. Store Cheese Separately: Avoid storing different types of cheese together. The diverse flavors and moisture levels of different cheeses can encourage mold growth. To prevent this, wrap each cheese individually and store them in separate containers or designated compartments.

8. Check Cheese Regularly: Regularly inspect your cheese for any signs of mold growth. If you find any mold, cut off the affected portion along with some additional parts to ensure complete removal. Remember, mold can penetrate deeper than what meets the eye. Following these handy hints can help you keep your cheese fresh and free from mold in the fridge.

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