Cut a Pie into Five Equal Pieces

Cut a Pie into Five Equal Pieces. If you’ve ever wonder how to cut a pie into five equal pieces this Haley’s hack shows you exactly how to make the cut.

If you’re looking for a way to cut a pie into five equal pieces, here’s a handy technique:

1. Start by marking the center of the pie with a small dot.

2. Next, imagine dividing the pie into four equal quadrants. To do this, draw two imaginary lines from the center dot to the opposite edges of the pie. These lines should intersect at the center dot and create four equal sections. 3

. Now, cut out one of these quadrants by slicing through the pie, running the knife along one of the imaginary lines.

4. Once you’ve removed the first quadrant, you’ll be left with a pie that’s shaped like a quarter moon. Divide this remaining piece into three equal segments by making two more cuts. 5. The result will be a pie cut into five equal pieces! Remember to use a sharp knife and be careful while cutting. Enjoy your perfectly sliced pie!

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