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Ridding Your Home of Cockroaches


GardenRx: Ridding Your Home of Cockroaches

PBS-TV’s Garden Rx starring Loren Nancarrow shows you how to get rid of cockroaches.

For decades, borax has been used in a variety of products, including cleaners for the home and laundry. It’s possible that you already own a box. It’s a flexible, regular mineral and, you’ll be glad to hear, a powerful device in your bug control arsenal!Refresher: What exactly is borax?

Borax is a normally happening mineral that is normal in a significant number family things: laundry detergent, flame retardants and cleaning sprays.

Additionally, borax is an excellent natural insecticide. It carries a relatively low risk when compared to the majority of chemical pest control treatments. You should still keep it out of the reach of children and pets because they might be more sensitive to it if they eat it, but you can use it sparingly throughout your home without leaving behind chemical residue or unpleasant odors.

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Borax works by adhering to a cockroach’s legs by means of friction based electricity — that is exactly the same thing that makes your hair stand up when you rub an inflatable on your head. The roach will later clean itself by eating the white powder once it has returned to its hiding place. The borax acts like poison in the roach’s stomach after it is eaten.

It likewise harms a cockroach’s exoskeleton (and its stomach related framework). Borax is in fact sodium tetraborate and the “sodium” part enters the bugs’ exoskeletons and dries out them. Borax’s ability to kill cockroaches is due to their already-easy dehydration.

  1. Borax and Sugar
    Will borax and sugar kill insects? It sure will, and it’s one of the least demanding recipes for borax bug control. Simply combine sugar and borax in equal parts, pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle, and dust the areas where you have observed roaches.

As long as you are able to spread a light dusting, a container like a powdered sugar dispenser will also work. Simply refrain from using the same dispenser to sprinkle powdered sugar on your pancakes! The sugar in this recipe draws roaches to it, and the borax that is added to it gets eaten along with the sugar. That is everything necessary!

Use the foods that cockroaches enjoy the most to make your borax cockroach baits as effective as possible.


Egg yolks: Lightly dust a raw egg yolk with borax powder in a small cup, shot glass, or similar container.

Peanut butter – Leave a spoonful of peanut butter in a bowl or on a plastic top and sprinkle borax onto it.

Cocoa powder – Very much like sugar, a sweet lure bugs can’t avoid and blends well in with the borax powder.

Bacon Fat – Our number one flavorful snare recipe, just take a portion of some borax, blend in with a quarter cup granulated sugar and enough bacon oil to make a little batter ball. To see how it’s done, watch the video on this page.

These trap and-borax combos can be concealed in corners, pantries, plugs, and by applying borax to other vital regions.


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