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How to Tell if You’re Eating Fresh Eggs

Ever wonder how to tell if you’re eating fresh eggs for breakfast? Well, wonder no more because Haley’s Hints has easy tests to help determine egg freshness.

Here are a few methods you can use to check the freshness of your eggs:

1. Check the expiration or sell-by date: Eggs typically have a sell-by or expiration date printed on the carton. Always purchase eggs that have a later date to ensure freshness.

2. Perform the float test: Fill a bowl with cold water and gently place the egg into it. Fresh eggs tend to sink to the bottom and lay flat on their sides. Slightly older but still good eggs may stand upright on the bottom. If the egg floats to the top, it is likely stale and should be discarded.

3. Inspect the eggshell: Fresh eggs have clean and smooth shells, without any cracks or visible stains. Avoid eggs with dirt, mold, or visible cracks, as these can indicate potential bacterial contamination.

4. Examine the yolk and white: Crack the egg onto a flat surface and check the appearance of the yolk and egg white. Fresh eggs have a plump and rounded yolk that stands tall and sits surrounded by a thick, gel-like egg white. Older eggs tend to have flatter yolks and thinner, more liquid-like whites.

5. Smell the egg: Fresh eggs generally have a neutral smell, but if there is a foul or sulfur-like odor, it suggests that the egg is no longer fresh and should be discarded. Remember that while these methods can offer some insight into egg freshness, they are not foolproof. To ensure optimal safety, it is advisable to use eggs within the recommended date and practice good food handling and storage practices.

Be sure to watch the video above for more freshness tests.

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