Visual Haiku

Visual Haiku 1

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Visual Haiku, a collection of short films featuring the arts, artists, summer storms, backland prairies, racing pigeon, trains and photographers.

hot air balloons
The Colorado Rocky Mountain frame the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off!

loco-motive sculpture
Jeff Snyder’s, Loco-Motive, “…a locomotive headed toward the stars!”
Visual Haiku 2

clair trotter
Visual Haiku examines the world of nature photographer Clair Trotter.
Visual Haiku 2

The world of racing pigeon and the people who race and home them.
Visual Haiku 2

James Eidson
Clymer Meadow, a remnant black land prairie in north Texas.
Visual Haiku 2

rain storm
Time lapse photography late afternoon storm in the Rocky Mountains.

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