Haley’s Helpful Hints

Haleys Red Splash


Haley’s Helpful Hints: Household Hints That Save Time and Money using the gold mine of ordinary items and product in your home with time and money saving uses!

Great Household Hacks!

wine pour
painted concrete
garden produce
ring on finger
exhaust fan filter
vac the rug
tile wall
brass mug
loading a washing machine
a finger ring
rack of clothing
sharpie pens
drop cloth with paint
set color in fabric banner
wax on wood
chocolate icing
scuff marks on shoes
ketchup in bowl
wax on carpet
a fly
wax on brass candle holder
remove gum from hair
strawberries in a bowl
furniture polish
cat in bathtub
a pie
rugs on a shelf
a stained coffee cup
a nice pie
foggy bathroom mirror
fluffy pillow
patio umbrella
coffee carafe
soapy dish cloth
child with teady bear
dirty pink sneakers
girl with paper roll
an ant
open cookbook page
happy dog
Haley's Helpful Hints 1
baby girl smells a flower
silver buddha
colorful paint cans on a dropcloth
needle with thread
doodles on paper
jars of honey
a rack of hangers
beautiful sliced red onions
gas range with flame
bathroom fixtures
morning egg cup
jar of scouring powder

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