Welcome to THE BUSINES$$ OF BLACKJACK.  You’re going to learn what it takes to play a winning game of blackjack.  You will learn the basic strategy of winning play and how to wager your money best.  We will reveal to you the winning players secret.

Casino blackjack is designed to allow a maximum of 7 players. The dealer deals a round left to right. He gives each player and himself 2 cards.  The player to the dealers left is first to act.  The object of the game is simple enough.  He who get closer to a total of 21, without going over wins.  By adding the point value of each card together you determine your total.  For example, a 2 is counted as 2.  A 3 as 3 and so on.  All face cards count as 10 and aces count as either 11 or 1 depending upon your situation.

An ace is a valuable card.  An ace and a 10 count card are the only cards capable of A 2 card total of 21.  Better known as a blackjack.  Blackjacks pay 3 to 2, or for example on a $5.00 wager, you would win $7.50.  All other bets pay even money and of course the rules will vary from the casino to casino.

For our purpose of this video training course,  we assume rules for a 4 deck game with the dealer hitting soft 17.  A “soft” hand describes a 2 card combination of which one card is an ace. Since an ace can be played as either 11 or 1, the hand can be drawn to without fear of busting or going over 21. Additionally, the double down, split pair and insurance option will be observed.  We have chosen these options because they represent the majority of the games available today.

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