Haley’s Hints will introduce you to the virtual “gold mine” of ordinary items and products, in you home, with extraordinary time and money saving uses!

Everything from laundry advise to clever stain removal, ideas for pest control, as well as hints on cooking, painting, sewing tips, and household storage.  Haley’s Hints is the ultimate consumer reference guide for the homeowner looking for helpful cleaning hints proven to clean green without dangerous chemicals.

For example, we know there are all kinds of expensive cleaning items on the market boosting powerful chemical cleaning properties. And yes, they work fine, and yes, they cost a pretty penny too.  For me, the idea is to save money and do things in an environmentally friendly way and these videos contain recipes for making your own cleaning products saving you BIG money.

For example, cost-cutting, discount giant, Amazon, offers Seventh Generation Natural Glass Cleaner, the 32 oz. bottle, for $9.70 on their website.  And that’s a good price for an environmentally friendly cleaning product such as Seventh Generation.

On the other hand, you can keep that ten-bucks in your pocket, walk into your kitchen and grab the bottle of vinegar you tossed into last nights salad and clean your bathroom glass and chrome faucets every bit as clean as with the most expensive cleaner available.

What?  Vinegar you say?  Yes, vinegar is not only tasty but a great cleaning product too!  Vinegar is a 100% all-natural product that’s cheap to boot. A 16oz bottle of distilled white vinegar sells at Kroger for 99¢.  That’s a paltry 16¢ per ounce.

That’s a savings of $8.71 just on glass cleaner! Multiply that times the cost of buying grout cleaner, marker cleaners, shoe cleaners, furniture polish, bathroom stains, deodorant stains, etc., etc. and we’re talking about a huge household expense.  However watching Haley’s Hints and you’ll get recipes to make your own safe, homemade cleaners for all these stains and more.  Just think of the money you’ll be saving!

What about red wine?  Yeah, we love it too but have you ever wondered how to remove a red wine stain from you carpet?  Or how best to store your patio umbrella when the season is over?  What about a no scrubbing, easy way to keep your silver set sparkling clean?  Well, we have.  For years, I hated cleaning the silver dining set, but now, I think it’s kind of fun watching the silver virtually clean itself.

Watch this, you won’t believe it!

Look at all these cleaver hints

  • Removing Grape Juice From Clothes
  • Clean Silver Items In Seconds
  • Prevent Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging
  • Keep Cheese From Molding With Sugar Cubes
  • Remove Your Stuck Ring With Dental Floss
  • Discouraging Ants With Chalk
  • Find Small Lost Items With Pantyhose
  • Remove Dripped Way From Candleholders
  • The Stain From Hell Remover
  • Removing Ketchup Stains With Shaving Cream
  • Storing Your Produce In Pantyhose
  • Remove Ink And Lipstick Stains With Hairspray
  • Clean Tea An Coffee Stained China Teacups
  • Erase Permanent Markers Off Floor
  • Clean Greasy Kitchen Exhaust Fan Filters
  • Use Pantyhose To Dry Your Sweater
  • Cut Onions Without Crying Re
  • Remove Mud, Dirt From White Sneakers
  • Clean Copper Easily With A Lemon
  • Remove Pet Hair With A Rubber Glove
  • Remove Deodorant Marks From Clothes
  • Open Stubborn Jar Lids With A Rubber Band
  • Emergency Grout Cleaning With Toothpaste
  • Remove Shoe Scuff Marks From Floor
  • Paint Concrete Steps That Last Longer
  • Store Gift-Wrapping Paper In Pantyhose
  • Ward Floes Off Your Food With Mint
  • Clean Chrome Faucets
  • Pants Hangers As A Recipe Book Holder
  • Quick Silver Jewelry Cleaning
  • Make Your Own Homemade Carpet Cleaner
  • Lift Candle Wax From Carpet With An Iron
  • How O Prevent Rug Corner Curling
  • Storing Patio Umbrella Bug Free
  • Vacuum Store Bulky Items In Garbage Bags
  • Remove Hard Water Bathtub Stains
  • Cut Ironing Time In Half With Aluminum Foil
  • Simple Needle Threading Solutions
  • Homemade Tile And Grout Cleaner
  • Remove Heel Scuff Marks From Your Shoes