Organic GardenRx

GardenRx focuses on the methods, tools and philosophy necessary to build and maintain gardens, lawns and plants naturally.  The objective is to offer gardeners a variety of easy solutions, frequently using common household items, to solve their lawn and garden problems.

Host Loren Nancarrow, a twenty-year broadcast veteran and Emmy award-winning television journalist and author, will introduce gardeners to the reality of why it is important to garden using natural remedies. Working with nature is actually much easier on gardeners than working against nature.  By working with nature, we build healthy soil so that lawns and plants and gardens become stronger and resistant to pests and diseases, naturally.

Learn an all-natural program for lawn, gardens and plants, learn easy remedies for garden and lawn diseases, get answers to the most common questions from gardeners, learn easy pest control solutions that aren’t toxic and homemade recipes that are best for fertilizing your yards, gardens and house plants.